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John Schaffer goes mule deer hunting

John Schaffer has killed several big mule deer bucks but the one he killed a couple years ago is the biggest to date. The buck was killed in Alberta with Cody Cassidy from Big Knife Outfitters. John enjoys sneaking in on mule deer and being patient as he waits for the right moment to let the arrow fly. “Being patient is very important when hunting mule deer,” said Schaffer. “When bowhunters rush in and try to quickly tag a buck, they often don’t get a shot. Big mule deer bucks have great vision, are very skittish and don’t tolerate much movement. If they see you move, they leave the county.”

To kill a big mule deer, Schaffer says you must be in the right area. “When choosing an outfitter or going on your own, you need to do lots of research especially if your goal is to kill a decent buck,” Schaffer explained.

Schaffer’s favorite tactic when hunting mule deer is to spot and stalk them. “I like to get up early and get into position several hours before daylight and cut bucks off between their feeding area and bedding area and wait them out,” Schaffer said. “We spotted this buck bedded several yards away and slipped in on him and waited him out.” Mule deer often bed down for several hours.  Eventually they get up and stand there for a few seconds and then bed back down.” I knew this buck would eventually stand up and give me a quick shot so I was patient and waited for the shot opportunity,” Schaffer said.  When the buck rose to his feet, Schaffer put an arrow through him. The buck grosses 174 inches Pope and Young.

One key to John Schaffer’s success is using the gear he builds.  With the Schaffer Opposition Rest on his bow, he doesn’t have to worry about the arrow getting hung up in the brush or falling off the rest.  When the moment arrives and he takes the shot, his rest is always up to the task and gets the job done.  Check out the unique Opposition rest by following this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2uSRkuCoHs&feature=grec_index. The Opposition rest is better than any drop away rest on the market.

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